Affiliate Marketing 101


This post is for the newbies looking to get into Affiliate marketing. I thought I would give you some straight upfront advice and some information about the basics.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simple you drive traffic to a product, someone buys it and you get paid a commission. As an example Amazon has an affiliate program so you build a review site around a product or products and drive traffic to Amazon. If someone buys something after doing to Amazon through your link you get paid a commission! Amazon commissions start at 4% and go up as more people buy. What I like about Amazon is that even if they do not buy what you sent them there for, but they buy something within 24 hours you get paid!

There are also site like clickbank where you can promote products and make a much higher commission. You might promote a products that sells for $47 dollars and your commission might be $37! A lot higher than Amazon but also a harder sell sometimes.

These two methods are the most common type of Affiliate Marketing then there are other ways like PPC, AdSense, and more which I will cover in another post sometime.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly about affiliate marketing.

The Good:

  • Once you get a site making money you can leave it on autopilot and do almost nothing too it.
  • You then rinse and repeat the same steps with another site.
  • The customer potential online is enormous compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses.

The Bad:

  • Google is constantly changing how sites get rated making it more of a challenge that it used to be.
  • It takes time and effort to get sites listed.
  • Affiliate Marketing does require you to work, it's not a few clicks and the money just starts rolling in!

The Ugly:

  • There are so many programs promising affiliate marketers quick riches that are simply crap.
  • It's easy to get discouraged and distracted by the tons of bogus promises being made.
  • People think affiliate marketing can give you overnight riches without any real work – not true!

Affiliate Marketing is a business and like any business it takes time. Time to learn the ropes and it takes work. The cool thing is that you can do it part time while holding down a fulltime job. I would not recommend anyone quite job and simply jump into this without deep pockets! I got started after my old business went south and I could not find anything else.

In my brick and mortar business I spent a lot of time and money learning what I needed to do. I invested in equipment, marketing, and sales material. Affiliate Marketing is the same way. I had to invest my time and money into programs to learn how to make money online. The money investment is a whole lot cheaper with affiliate marketing that it was with my old business.

The downside was all the junk or crap training products I had to and still to this day go through. I'm always on the lookout for something new I can learn from. I've never been one to re-invent the wheel when I can pay a small fee to quickly learn from someone who has been there and done that.

If your new I hope this post gave you some insite into this business. I will say in closing I love it. Affiliate Marketing has so much potential and there are so many ways to make money it's crazy. I would encourage anyone to try this business but be patient and stay focused. Get rich quick online is just like get rich quick offline – Total BS.

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