How I made my first sale online

How do you make money online?

One of the questions I get a lot is how to make money online? There are so many ways but one of the easiest is becoming and Amazon Associate. With the Amazon associate program you build product review sites, drive traffic to Amazon, and get paid. Sounds simple right?

Buiding a site is the simple part. To make money you need more that a site. You need to follow certain steps:

Keyword Research to find out how much competition you have. You can use free tools like googles keyword tool or their are paid tools available. If your just starting out I would use anything free I can find.

The purpose of the keyword tool is to research what are people searching for and to make sure that your keyword does not have too much competition. Then you simply build a review site around this.

Hosting – I use Hostgator for all of my sites. With Hostgator you can host as many sites as you want with one program and it's less than $10 bucks a month!

WordPress – I like to use wordpress for my sites because it's FREE and it's simple to use. Changes are quick and so are customizations.

Once you have a site built the hard part comes in which is promoting and backlinking your site. After the last google update named Panda backlinks and content became very important. Content in terms of usefull information which you need anyway to get a visitor to click your link.

Backlinking is getting links from other sites to yours. There are a lot of free ways to do this and their are paid programs. Google figures if a lot of other sites are pointing at your site then your site must be something of value. A free service I use is Social Monkey. If you checkout social monkey I would ask that you go through my link. You can buy an upgrade to get more backlinks a day or refer 12 people and get the same thing so I'd like to refer 12 people!

I will probably ad another post later on about all of the other free backlinking resources I use as well.

This is a simple overview of how to make money with Amazon which is the first money I ever made online and still do to this day. I did it fairly quick using paid training. Amazon Training Academy by Gaz Cooper is a great place built around Amazon and even comes with free wordpress templates. This is the place that taught me how to make my first dollar online. I would encourage anyone to check them out if you want to get up to speed faster!

To your success online.


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